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Stallion Stakes Added Money

2020 – $58,747

Open = $35,983; Non Pro = $15,421; Sire Nominator award split 50/50 = $7,343


Enroll your Stallion in one of the fastest growing and most innovative programs in the industry!


Enrolled Stallions

Rocky Mountain Reining Horse Association is pleased to present the following quality stallions whose services are available through the RMRHA Stallion Stakes Program.  Once a stallion’s service is sold through the program, all of his get are eligible to compete in the Stallion Stakes Futurity in the Open and/or Non Pro divisions at the RMRHA Summer Slide in Denver, CO during their three year old year. They are then eligible to compete in the Stallion Stakes Derby at the Columbine Classic as four, five and six year-olds.

Stallion services are sold via online auction through Perfect Horse Auctions beginning on January 1. High bidder names and amounts will be visible during January, with winning bidders notified on February 1. All bids must be at least 50% of the advertised service fee or greater with a minimum bid of $350.  Bids must be made in $50 dollar increments. Multiple services may be purchased if so desired, by placing bids on more than one stallion in the auction. If you have any questions about the auction or the program, please call (303) 877-8382 or email rmrhastallionstakes@gmail.com.

Stallions not listed as SOLD will be available after the auction on a first come, first served basis for the remainder of the season at half the advertised stud fee. Purchase of these unsold breedings listed on the Perfect Horse Auctions website must be made through the Perfect Horse Auctions site. Chute fees, shipping fees and all reproductive costs are the responsibility of the mare owner.

Enrolled Sires

The offspring of the stallions whose service is listed as “SOLD” through the program are eligible to compete in the RMRHA Stallion Stakes Futurity at the Rocky Mountain Summer Slide during their 3 year old year. They are also eligible to compete in the Stallion Stakes Derby held at the Columbine Classic when they are 4-5-6 year olds.






The RMRHA Stallion Stakes Auction is LIVE through January 15, 2020