RMRHA is pleased to offer its members several opportunities for year-end recognition;

RMRHA Year-End Awards Program
The NRHA Affiliate Program

Year End Awards



Recognizing the Top 3 riders in each division

Non Pro

Non Pro
Intermediate Non Pro
Limited Non Pro
Prime Time Non Pro
Rookie Level 2
Rookie Level 1
Green Reiner Level 2

Novice Horse Non Pro Level 2/3
Novice Horse Non Pro Level 1


Short Stirrup
Youth 13 & Under
Youth 14 – 18


Intermediate Open
Limited Open
Rookie Professional

Novice Horse Open Level 2/3
Novice Horse Open Level 1

Program Details

Updated 02/05/2024

RMRHA will use the placings from 4 of the 5 qualifying shows to calculate point standings for year-end awards. The top 4 placings from these 5 shows for a given rider/ horse combination will be utilized to calculate year-end placings. Year-End award winners will be determined by total points earned in each division using the following point system: Points will be awarded through 10th place provided there are at least 10 horses shown in the class. If there are less than 10 horses shown, the maximum points will not exceed the number of horses shown in the class, e.g. if there are 5 horses shown, 1st place will receive 5 points, 2nd place- 4 points, 3rd place -3 points, etc. In the event of a tie in individual show classes, designated points will be added together and split equally among tied horses. A zero score will not receive points, but the horse will count as being shown for the calculation of total class points.

In order to qualify for year-end awards, both the rider and the recorded owner(s) of the horse must be members of RMRHA at the time of competition. If a horse is owned by an “entity”, e.g., LLC, partnership, corporation, syndicate, etc., that “entity” must have a RMRHA membership in order for the horse to qualify for year end awards. Individuals of that entity are not required to have an individual membership, unless that individual competes on the entity owned horse and wishes to have the points earned count towards the year end standings. If a horse is owned by two or more individuals (John Smith, Mary Smith and Bill Jones), each individual must be a member of RMRHA to have the points earned count towards year end standings.

Green Reiner 2 and Short Stirrup exhibitors need to be RMRHA members for year end awards but the owner of the horse does not need to be a RMRHA member or a family member.

RMRHA membership types include: Individual/Entity or Youth membership. RMRHA memberships run from January 1 through December 31 of each year. Click here for more information about RMRHA Membership.

A horse may qualify for more than one year-end award with the same or different riders. For example, an Open rider may qualify the horse in the Open class and a Non Pro rider may qualify the horse in the Non Pro class.

For shows with 2 or more slates of classes,  only the highest placing slate will count towards RMRHA year end awards. Example: Slate 1 Rookie score 68 and Slate 2 Rookie score is 72.  The Slate 2 Rookie score would be used for the show’s qualifying score. 

Members wishing to be eligible for year-end awards must meet the Association Volunteer requirements:

 Volunteer at least 4 hours at a RMRHA sanctioned activity, event or RMRHA committee.
Complete a Volunteer Form and submit it to the program administrator.
Riders who have not met the volunteer hours requirement may become eligible for year‐end awards in exchange for a contribution of $200.
For youth riders to be eligible for year‐end awards in any division, he/she must meet the requirements outlined in the Youth Year‐End Awards program.

The Affiliate Shows Chairperson is responsible for tracking points earned for year-end award winners. Any questions relating to these qualification procedures should be addressed to the Affiliate Shows Chairperson for RMRHA. Please refer to the Committee page for this information.




NRHA North American Affiliate Championship Program provides opportunities at many levels

Updated 03/06/2022

At the December 2021 NRHA Board of Directors meeting, the Board announced the qualification criteria for the 2022 NAAC and Affiliate Regional Championships will be identical to 2021.

The first step to earning a spot in Oklahoma City is to compete at one of the 10 ARCs held across North America in late fall. To do so, a rider must be an NRHA member and a member of an NRHA affiliate. “There is no need to designate an affiliate, and riders can show at any ARC,” explained Sara Honegger, Manager of Youth, Professional, and Affiliate Programs. “We are so encouraged by the number of riders who came to Oklahoma City and the increased enthusiasm for the affiliates, ARCs and NAAC. The members of the Affiliate Committee are passionate about continuing to grow these programs and look forward to what 2022 will bring. For more on the NRHA Affiliate Program, please visit

Any exhibitor who receives a score higher than a zero at an ARC will be able to enter that class, on that specific horse, at the NAAC in Oklahoma City. There are no requirements to compete at an ARC other than the rider must be a member of an NRHA affiliate. Riders are encouraged to join beforehand but can also join at the ARC if they need assistance with that process, or they can always call the NRHA office to have guidance as well.

As in 2021, riders will be allowed to participate in multiple ARCs with one exception; if they win a class, they cannot compete on the same horse in the same class at another ARC.

Complete Program Details are available on the NRHA website.

NRHA Affiliate Program

For an affiliate to qualify a rider for a class, that specific class must be offered in at least three (3) circuit shows.  There is no minimum or maximum number of shows that a rider must attend.

A rider may qualify in only one region and for only one affiliate.

The rider must be a member of their local affiliate at the time of competition for points to count toward regional finals qualifications.

ALL EXHIBITORS MUST HAVE A PRIMARY AFFILIATE DESIGNATION REGISTERED WITH THE NRHA OFFICE NO LATER THAN AUGUST 1 OF EACH YEAR. This designation must be registered using the form available on the Affiliate page of Once a designation is registered, it will apply from year to year unless changed by the exhibitor in writing to the NRHA Affiliate Department. Changes must be in place no later than August 1. Designations received in the NRHA office after August 1 will be subject to review by the Affiliate Department and exhibitors will be informed of the decision. Click here for the Affiliate Designation Form.

Riders who do not wish to compete in the Affiliate Regional Championships may notify the NRHA office using the form available to undesignate. Riders may not undesignate for specific horses. If a rider elects to undesignate they will not be qualified to show any horse in any class. Changes to designations will be accepted until 15 days prior to the first day of the respective Affiliate Regional Championship event. If a rider completes an undesignation form, they must complete a new designation form and file that with the NRHA in order to be able to compete in future Affiliate Regional Championships.

The affiliate membership lists will be used to determine a horse and rider qualification within an affiliate.

Points are to be calculated on a one horse/one rider format.

Points will be awarded based on the number of horses actually competing in the class, i.e., if fifteen (15) horses compete, first place will be awarded 15 points, 2nd place – 14 points, etc.  Points will be calculated on horses actually competing, excluding the horses entered but scratched.  Zeros and no scores will not be awarded points. Horses with no points do not qualify for ARC competition.