Proposed Bylaw Changes

Bylaws updated and ready for your review. You’ll vote to ratify them at the Awards Banquet on December 10.  

Our current bylaws have been in effect since September of 2006.  While they’ve served us well, the Board feels it’s time to update a few items within them.  Here’s a quick review of the changes.

  1. Several amendments have been passed that need to be incorporated.
  2. Methods of sending information to our members needs to be expanded to include email, text, and social media.
  3. The ability to officially hold meetings virtually rather than always in person needs to be added as well as the flexibility to schedule meetings when the majority of Board members can be present.
  4. Official ability to collect membership dues and registration for events electronically.
  5. Allowing youth the right to vote in youth officer elections.
  6. The Board may take action without a meeting provided 2/3 of the Board agree in writing.
  7. Update Standing Committees per the amendment passed Dec 2015.
  8. Update Youth Elections per the amendment passed Dec 2018

This list is not meant to be comprehensive.  The Board recommends that you read and compare the two documents for yourself.

For your review the current bylaws can be found here.

For your review the proposed bylaws can be found here.

This post will serve as notification to the membership of the intent to amend the current bylaws per Article XII.  Also per the same article, you, the membership, will vote to ratify the proposed bylaws at our next general membership meeting:  the Awards Banquet to be held on Dec 10.  Details and RSVP here.

Feel free to contact any of the Board members with questions and concerns.  Your feedback is welcome and appreciated! Contact information for the Board is available here.

Proposed Bylaws